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Board of Directors


Rishi Gompa

Chief Terraforming Officer

Rishi Gompa is a student in grade 3 at the Ranch Elementary School, USA. As the Chief Terraforming Officer, he is responsible for leading the development and implementation of plans to transform and modify the physical and environmental conditions of Mars to make it habitable for humans or other life forms. 

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Rithish Arumugam

Zero-Gravity Operations Manager

As a Zero-Gravity Operations Manager on Mars, Rithish oversees and coordinates all activities related to operations in a zero-gravity environment.

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G. Sankar Surya

Martian Habitat Architect

As Martian Habitat Architect, G. Shankar is responsible for designing, planning, and overseeing the construction of sustainable and habitable structures on Mars. 


Kanishka Jindal

Chief Space Suit Designer

As a Chief Space Suit Designer, Kanishka weaves together the fabric of safety and exploration for astronauts venturing into the great unknown. Her creations not only shield against the harsh vacuum of space but also epitomize the perfect blend of technology.


Pamela Roy

Interstellar Communication Specialist

Pamela Roy is a student of Eicher School Faridabad. She is an expert in the field of transmitting and receiving signals across vast distances of space, with the aim of communicating with extraterrestrial life or exploring new worlds. 

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S. Hayagriss

Power Infrastructure Manager

As the Power Infrastructure Manager, Hayagriss holds the key to unlocking the potential of our extraterrestrial missions. His expertise is vital in establishing robust and reliable power systems to energize our explorations across the cosmos.

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Sandesh Jain

Extraterrestrial Agriculture Engineer

As Extraterrestrial Agriculture Engineer,  Sandesh is developing and implementing sustainable and efficient agricultural systems for cultivating food and resources in extraterrestrial environments.

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